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12 May 2017
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Hit sprzedaży!

Alkaline Water Jug AOK108A

Hit of the season – a jug that alkalises water!

AOK108A is the world's first appliance that successfully filters and produces healthy water which is so important for your organism – without electrolysis.

Cleanse toxins from your body

Water produced in this jug has antioxidant properties and removes acid toxins, the presence of which affects many health afflictions. This water not only heals your body but it also improves the quality of life.

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Filtering water by removing pollutant substances

The exchangeable cartridge was designed in a well-thought way and using high-quality carbon and other minerals in order to successfully remove pollutant substances from tap water. The jug filters tap water by removing e.g. chlorine and heavy metals very quickly. Also, the filter cartridge prevents harmful bacteria from proliferating.

Water alkalising which leads to good health

The active filter increases water pH to 8.5 – 10.2 and, at the same time, it improves water quality by enriching it with vital elements such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium – all of which are more easily absorbed by your organism while drinking ionised water. The effects are visible very quickly – your physical and mental state as well as medical check-up results improve after just two weeks of regular drinking of such water.

No more free radicals or dietary supplements

AOK108A water jug is a great device in the fight with the aging process which is largely affected by free radicals. The jug cartridge has negative hydrogen ions that have a major impact on reducing the oxidation/reduction potential (ORP), thereby leading to the creation of water molecules with negative charges. But what does it mean for the water jug user? This feature makes water rich in antioxidants that successfully destroy free radicals. Thus, the aging processes are slowed down, the skin and hair condition as well as metabolism improve and the body is alkalised and deacidified. All those processes make this water a healthy substitute for chemical dietary supplements, therefore, you can save not only your money but also your liver!

Healthy return to maximum absorption!

Before the era of industrial pollution, water was very well absorbed by human cells. Now it is once again possible, as the AOK108A cartridge alters the water structure. The result is the creation of tiny hexagonal water particles which perfectly hydrate your body and supplement it with healthy elements to the maximum. This microcluster structure makes such water very similar to the perfect, clear water from hundreds of years ago.

Safety & Quality – positively verified

Innovative technologies are the focus of attention of researchers from around the globe. The same applies to the technology implemented in the AOK108A water jug. The safety of use of the jug has been confirmed by the National Scientific Foundation in the United States. Additionally, the filter cartridges have passed all tests carried out by the Food and Drug Administration (USA). The cartridges are made of high quality ceramic granules that have been classified as safe for direct use.



1 year

Water capacity3.5L
Alkaline water production2,5L
LCD timerokreślający czas używania wymiennego filtra
Water pH8,5 : 10,0
ORP-100 : -600 mV
Filter cartridge life400 litrów tj. około 3 miesiące

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